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Sharing sensitive information, especially during such processes as due diligence, litigation and compliance, is important so professionals are usually in search of a dependable and trusted partner that guarantees maximal safety of uploaded and downloaded files, as well as high confidentiality level and similar features.

Generally, Firmex virtual data room is a cloud-based solution for all enterprises, irrespective of their size and type. The platform caters to funds and private equity, mergers and acquisitions, advisory, pharmaceutical, corporations, investment banks, law companies, oil and gas, mining and energy. There is no solution that is too complicated or large for the provider.

Following the reviews, there are top three reasons to opt for Firmex virtual data room:

  • Ultimate security. The provider offers maximal security and protection of the documents you upload, download or share. Such functions as document control, protection, GDPR, SOC 2 and HIPAA international security compliances are the guarantees of completely confidential and safe work;
  • Price. A highly-supported and fully-featured VDR is available at a competitive cost. No hidden fees and extra payments. Firmex as a trusted provider offers transparent monthly payment for the set of functions you need. Additionally, customers can get an extra discount for more than two projects per year;
  • Dependability. Over the years of Firmex existence and virtual data room functioning, it has gained the popularity of a trusted and reliable file sharing platform. Users can be 100% sure the documents are kept safe and processes are always under control. The statistics show that over 15,000 new projects are launched on the basis of Firmex every year, which is another proof of its high quality.

Appreciated Functions and Peculiarities of Virtual Data Rooms with Firmex

Reliable support for valuable and mission-critical projects, high affordability and 24/7 support are offered by Firmex virtual data room. Around 120,000 companies use the services of Firmex to share files and confidential data during the processes of litigation, procurement, mergers and acquisitions, audits, fundraising and similar projects with millions and billions of dollars at stake. Your project can be launched just in a few minutes and be fully secure and exceptionally confidential.

The up-to-date software of the virtual data room gives an opportunity to deal with the main business processes. The platform provides clients with the following options:

  • Data security;
  • Document management;
  • User activity;
  • Reporting;
  • Audit trails;
  • User invitations;
  • Secure preview;
  • Two-factor authentication;
  • Drag and drop;
  • Mobile applications for Android and iOS devices;
  • Role-based permissions and others.

Data room provided by Firmex is a trusted platform with years of file-sharing experience that provides complete safety, high quality, and affordability.