Welcome to the website secure-dataroom.org.uk, which will give you the full description and comparison of the virtual venues. Briefly about the terms of use. The usage of the following website, the information and the services is regulated by the Terms Of Use (“TOU”).  Remember that the following site has a title to changing the TOU at any moment without noticing you. If you use this website, it means that you have agreed to follow the TOU and any attached terms for the usage of this website.

Access permission

If you are not 13 years old yet, you do not have the right to use this website. If you are 18 years old or you are an emancipated minor or possess legal parental or guardian consent, the website data-room.co.uk can let you posting some materials (the “Contributor Material”).


The website and the related parties can post some links to other websites and resources. At the same time, the secure-dataroom.org.uk is not responsible for these websites and resources.

Legal title

The website belongs to the secure-dataroom.org.uk or its licensing bodies or suppliers.

Usage of the website

By using the term «Site Content» we mean all the content which you can find on the secure-dataroom.org.uk. You may use this website if you agree that: 1) You use it only for your personal, but not commercial needs; 2) You are not going to copy any content of the website without the written consent; 3) You will not change any part of the Site Content; 4) You will follow the TOU to the fullest extent. You should not do the following things:

  • Change any part of the Site Content;
  • Copy any part of the Site Content and use for other websites;
  • Copy or distribute any part of the Site Content;
  • Disturb the safety precautions of the website;
  • Post the banned content on the website;
  • Rewrite or modify the Site Content of the web site in some other ways;
  • Corrupt the Site Content;
  • Gather or save personal records of other users.


You may not disturb the protection system of the website. Failing which, you will be civilly or criminally liable. Secure-dataroom.org.uk will cooperate with the law enforcement authorities in the cases of the protection system disturbing.


As to the intercourse, you have on the secure-dataroom.org.uk:

  • You do not have the right to have the confidentiality concerning your intercourse and the secure-dataroom.org.uk is not obliged to protect your intercourse from the leakage;
  • The secure-dataroom.org.uk has the right to use and distribute your intercourse to other users of the website;
  • The secure-dataroom.org.uk has the right to use your intercourse for any purposes, such as marketing campaign and any services which need this content.

Content produced by users

Using the secure-dataroom.org.uk, you agree that it has the right to utilize, change, and rewrite the Contributor Materials in any way. You also give the right to all the users to access your Contributor Materials. Secure-dataroom.org.uk is entitled to delete any content produced by users, which is considered to be such, which disturbs the TOU or is banned in other ways.

Your actions

You agree that your account all the actions you complete on the secure-dataroom.org.uk. You agree that the secure-dataroom.org.uk saves all the materials posted on the website as it is necessary to:

  1. Follow the legal process;
  2. Implement the TOU;
  3. To correlate with the claims that any Site Content infringes the rights of third-parties;
  4. Vindicate the rights, property, or safety of the secure-dataroom.org.uk and its users.

The usage of the website may be subject to laws of the United Kingdom and other commonwealths. You agree to follow all the export and domestic laws related to your usage of the website. The website secure-dataroom.org.uk and the related parties are not responsible for any kinds of damages of the users.

Time to lodge an appeal

You agree that any actionable case connected with the website is to be commenced during 1 year after it occurs. Failing which, it will be no more acceptable.


You agree to indemnify, defend and hold secure-dataroom.org.uk, its agents, affiliates, filiations, directors, officers, workers and related parties (Indemnified Persons) harmless from and against any and all third party claims, liability, loss, and expense (including damage awards, settlement amounts, and reasonable legal fees), brought against any Indemnified Person, arising out of, related to or which may arise from client’s use of the website, and/or client’s breach of any term of this agreement.


You agree that data-room.co.uk has a right to stop your usage of the website or delete your materials if they are considered to be such, which disturb the TOU or additional rules. It also can do it without any notifications.


Secure-dataroom.org.uk is entitled to save, keep and use any information as set forth in secure-dataroom.org.uk Privacy Statement, which sometimes can be changed.

Legal provisions

We can give the legal provisions on some pages of the website. The website can publish some references to the products of the activity of secure-dataroom.org.uk or other parties. They are not to grant to or confer upon you.


The secure-dataroom.org.uk asks you to respect its immaterial goods. In cases, if you are a copywriter owner and think that your author’s rights are infringed upon by the secure-dataroom.org.uk, you should send a notification of probable infringement under the DMCA by providing notice to our Designated Copyright Agent.

Alternative rules

Take into consideration that the alternative rules can be also related to some property owned by the dsecure-dataroom.org.uk.

Background information

The TOU means the unconditional agreement between you and the secure-dataroom.org.uk in light of your usage of the website. The TOU and your relationships with the secure-dataroom.org.uk are regulated by the laws of the United Kingdom. The secure-dataroom.org.uk can change any parts of the TOU at any time.