What is a Merrill Datasite data room

Merrill Datasite, also known as Merrill Corporation, is the industry’s leading virtual data room for M&A,  due diligence, and other financial transactions. The provider has many years of experience since the company was founded in 1968. 

Headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Merrill Datasite locates numerous branch offices worldwide, including England, Italy, France, Germany, Australia, the USA, and Brazil. 

Helping customers complete transactions worldwide, the provider has already earned the trust of such well-known companies as DSM, Rolls Royce, Iris Healthcare, KPMG, and Wall Street Prep. 

Customers mainly choose the Datasite data room for sell-side and buy-side M&A, post-merger integration, the due diligence process, restructuring, IPO, content management, deal preparation, corporate development, and other essential purposes.

Datasite virtual data room features

Datasite Merrill VDR provider offers solutions based on long experience in dealmaking. And even if it seems all the features require IT skills to be used effectively, the software is user-friendly even for beginners.

Synchronization at speed with trackers

Due diligence participants can link the tracker to the data room index to not only get a single source of truth, but also save time. Thanks to trackers, your team and client are always up to date.

Data upload

When uploading documents, the software retains its original structure. This way, users keep everything in order when they upload, move in bulk, or rename files. Also, the data room allows you to upload up to 50 GB of zip documents.

Intelligent AI editing

As the only virtual data room that allows you to combine text and image editing, Datasite greatly simplifies procedures and saves time. Thus, organizations go live with buyers faster by managing Redaction AI, which locates target redactions automatically.

Permission management

Admins manage granular user permissions in real-time, and they can also schedule them in bulk creating permission groups  at the folder, document, or project level.

Optical character recognition

Clients don’t have to go through lots of text to find the information they need since optical character recognition enables them to search in 16 languages.

Merrill data rooms ironclad security

Merrill Corporation delivers industry-leading security to companies, contributing to deal success, no matter how many users or sensitive information is on the platform.

So, the data room covers the following security features:

  • Two-factor authentication
  • Single sign-on
  • Automatic password resets
  • User activity reports
  • Information rights management
  • Advanced watermarking
  • AES256 data encryption

Merrill Datasite compliance

It is also worth noting that Merrill Corp complies with international standards for confidential information security. Notably, Datasite has much more of them than some other providers:

  • ISO 27001
  • ISO 27017 and 27018
  • ISO 27001 and SOC2 Type II
  • SOC 2 Type II attestation annually
  • GDPR

Datasite virtual data rooms for industries

Since Datasite offers data processing security, easy management of multiple files, and trustworthy sophisticated analytics, various companies can conclude more deals with less effort.

Thus, the provider offers solutions for investment banking, biotech licensing, life sciences, real estate, law firms, and financial institutions.

Merrill Datasite overview

When using the Merrill virtual data room, what immediately jumps out is that it is intended for large enterprises who are engaged in extremely complex projects or transactions. This is reflected in their pricing plans. However, if you were hoping to try out the Merrill data room before buying a plan, there is no free trial available.

Also, there is no live training available, so it is almost as if they want you to buy a super expensive product that has a lot of question marks surrounding it and without a flexible pricing plan, you could get locked into an expensive price that could really hurt the entire project. 

The Merrill virtual data room has a long history dating back to 1967 and compliments other services that Merrill provides. They do their absolute best to provide interaction and collaboration between internal and external teams — and this is really evident when having to handle complex projects that require a lot of sensitive data.

“The reports Merrill data room offers were the key feature that attracted us to this provider. They’re very detailed and informative, and the information is laid out in an appealing and understandable way. We’re often using these reports as a part of our board meetings to see what we can improve.”

However, it appears that you would be able to enjoy all of the benefits of data room software in conjunction with other software solutions from Merrill, like Bridge, Connect, and DPA. This really makes it much more expensive than other data room providers because the virtual data room is expensive all by itself, not to mention the abundance of other tools that you are forced to pay for, regardless of whether you will be needing them or not. 

Therefore, be sure to come up with a list of exactly what you will be needing besides a data room, then it would be better to shop for other virtual data rooms that will provide with the solutions that you actually need.

Also, customization is virtually nonexistent in the Merrill Datasite. There are no custom domains, agreements for accessing the data room, active directory integration or integration through APIs. If you are fine with conforming to what Merrill offers, then there will not be any problems, but if you are looking to customize the data room you will run into many problems since Datasite SaaS platform doesn’t support these additional features.

Features Checklist:

Industry Solutions
Biotech Licensingyes
Board Portalsno
Clinical Studiesno
Debt Financingyes
Distressed Real Estateno
Document Repositoryyes
Due Diligenceyes
Hedge Fundsno
IPO & Exitsyes
M&A Buy Sideyes
M&A Sell Sideyes
Post Mergerno
Private Equityyes
Procurement Managementno
Files & Folders Management
File Formats SupportedAny file types can be uploaded. PDF and MS Office files can be viewed, any other file types must be downloaded to view
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Foldersyes
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Foldersyes
Desktop Synchronizationno
Archives Upload & Extractionno
Export of Data Room Index to Excelyes
Document Version Controlno
Multilingual Documents Indexno
File Protection & Digital Rights Management
Granular Document Permissionsyes
View-Only Accessyes
Prevention of Download, Print and Copyyes
Remote Shredding of Documentsno
Customizable Document Watermarksyes
Secure Fence Viewno
Document Access Expiryno
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryptionyes
Data at Rest Encryptionyes
Data Hosting & Infrastructure Security
99.9% Uptime Guaranteeyes
ISO 27001 Certifiedyes
SOC 2 Certifiedno
SSAE 16 Certifiedno
Data Backupyes
Virus Scanningno
Access Security
Two-Factor Authenticationsyes
Mobile Device Managementyes
Granular User Permissionsyes
Permission Groupsyes
Access Expirationyes
Access Limitation by IP Addressno
Accessibility & Ease Of Use
No Pluginsno
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Vieweryes
Web-Based Excel Spreadsheets Vieweryes
iOS Applicationno
Android Applicationno
Mobile Device Interfaceno
User Interface LanguagesEnglish
Search, OCR & Filters
Search by Nameyes
Search by Content (Full Text Search)yes
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)no
Filtering by Parametersno
Collaboration Features
Basic Questions & Answers Moduleno
Advanced Questions & Answers Moduleno
Secure User Messagingno
New Document Email Notificationsyes
Files & Folders Notesno
Activity Tracking & Reporting
Tracking of All User Activityyes
Real-Time Audit Trailyes
Graphic Reportsno
Exporting Reports to Excelyes
Tracking of Document Viewing Timeyes
Scheduled Reports (Sending to Email)no
Branded User Interfaceyes
Custom Domainno
Custom Login Pageno
Custom User Invitation Letteryes
Custom Agreements for Accessing Data Roomno
Active Directory Integrationno
Single Sign-On Integrationno
Customer-Managed Encryption Keysno
Integrations Through APIsno
Custom Workflows and Featuresno
Support & Services
Business Hours Supportyes
24/7 Email Supportyes
24/7 Phone & Email Supportyes
Online Help Centerno
Live Trainingsno
Dedicated Project Managerno
Data Room Archive on DVD or USB Driveyes
Translation Servicesno
Support LanguagesEnglish
Deployment Options
Cloud (Web-Based)yes
On-Premise (Installed)no
Multiple Datacenter Locationsyes
Trial & Pricing
Free Demoyes
Free Trial14-day trial
PriceANNUAL: $200/month, 3 MONTH PLAN: $300/month, 1 MONTH PLAN: $400/month
Company Info
LocationsUnited States
Employeesno data
ClientsLogicMonitor, AppScale Systems, AcuFocus, Inc., PlantForm, Sovance, LLC, Strategic Finance, Tracon Pharmaceuticals, Ansible Works, Clean Diesel Technologies, Lastline, Inc, Inogen, The Corum Group, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth

Product Reviews:

  1. Rick Sandoval


    Merrill datasite is a solid data room that can support the activity of my quite large company. We find it easy to use, and our partners don’t have problems using it as well. The VDR is always available and we didn’t encounter any downtimes yet.

  2. Carissa Jackson


    We use Merrill DataSite for due diligence and internal data management. It’s a decent data room that offers essential features. It makes the processes that involve documents much easier. This provider is not as customizable as we’d want it to be, but that’s not a big deal for us.

  3. Meredith Zaiden

    Administrative Director

    Merrill dataroom made it simple for us to exchange documents with our partners. Now our repository is organized and easy to access. We didn’t use this app for anything more than the data exchange so far. But at this point, it fits our needs.

  4. Marilyn Malachi

    Fundraising Assistant

    We like Merrill data room for how much it simplifies the work with corporate data. Now we don’t have to struggle trying to find a single document or upload a file in a specific format. We’ve used this software for a deal only once so far, and the process went successfully for us.

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