Secure File Sharing

More and more enterprises prefer using online data rooms. What is so special about them? In the first place, in distinction from other cloud drives and conventional data rooms, they have this unbeatable protection system. And we can claim that it is the most crucial detail for every company which disposes of great volumes of the sub-rosa materials. It goes without saying that they would also like to be sure in the secure file sharing. With its aid, the businesspeople from all over the world have the right to save their time and efforts and to learn the archival depository of the foreign potential partners not leaving their working places. What is more, it lets to save great sums of money for the reason that there is no need to pay for the long-distance business trips, tickets, accommodation, food and so on. Moreover, people who are responsible for the Due Diligence will have more time for other activities as they can save weeks utilizing the alternative repository, so let’s discuss the virtual data room features for the secure document sharing in detail.

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Virtual data rooms enlighten the secure file sharing for your easy work. It does not matter whether you want to share the accounting reports, judicial documents or whatever else. It is extremely easy to upload the files – the teams of the virtual data room services will help you to scan the material, which is sometimes not really easy because of the volume. Then you just complete the secure file sharing with the help of your personal computer or mobile device.

It is also beneficial that it is only a matter of a few minutes to create the perfect user interface designed with the brand and company colors. The document sharing will become even more attractive and your image will skyrocket. 

What is more, you control everything on your own. It is really advantageous considering that you have different plans for cooperating with diverse clients. For instance, it is only you who chooses which documents can be overviewed by some concrete users. So, if you have some extra sensitive information, you can hide it from any people. One more thing to mention is that you can check how many times a file has been reviewed and by whom. This way, you can analyze the activity of the users and make plans for future collaboration based on their concerns.

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The virtual data room providers also offer you the advantage of their notifications functionality. This means you and the members of the virtual data room will get the automated notifications about newly uploaded deeds.

These days, mobile applications are growing in popularity more and more. Therefore, virtual data room services don’t stay behind on the tendencies and they create mobile applications for their virtual data rooms. This way, you have the freedom to benefit from the document sharing even when you are on journey or no matter where.

Safety precautions for secure document sharing

The virtual data rooms utilize a broad circle of safety precautions so you can be sure about the safety of your deeds. Thanks to such virtual data room features as keys of encryption, especially customer-managed keys, several authentications, Secure Cloud File Sync, watermarking, and granular user permissions, which let you control the admission to the files, you can relax. By the same token, selecting the venue with the anti-viral programs you will also protect your deeds from dangerous viruses.

Deciding on the data room providers, we recommend you to choose only the certified electronic depository. This is the main signal of the sublime protection of the VDR. It is of vital importance as you will avoid the risks to become a victim of data leakage or loosing intellectual property. It is self-evident that it will play a key role for such scopes of activity as pharma industry, legal practice or media. However, it is crucial for all industries.

As a result, it should be emphasized that the secure cloud solution is a perfect way of lightening your work, saving time, attracting more customers, and saving the budget and the efforts of your partners. But still, you should know that not all ventures are conscientious. Selecting the venue, learning the opinions of people about them, reading the authoritative ratings and considering the protective measures of the VDR should be taken seriously.