Description of Ansarada

Ansarada was established in 2005 as a solution to facilitate M&A deals. But these days, clients utilize Ansarada for a variety of other purposes, such as financing, tenders, and IPOs. Its software is equipped with premium features to guarantee that every merger and acquisition or any other prospective deal is completed in the safest, simplest, and most convenient manner possible.

For small, medium, and large businesses, the Ansarada data room is more than appropriate. 

One of their key selling points is the AI-powered nature of all of their data rooms. The drag-n-drop file capability makes the platform simple to use. Other features include data encryption, integration with Google Docs and DropBox, document sorting, print and download rights, watermarks, and more.

Operating systems such as Android, SaaS, Web, Cloud, Windows, and iOS are all compatible with the Ansarada virtual data room. Email and phone support for technical issues are provided around the clock. A 14-day free trial is available. 

Whether team cooperation or significant corporate transactions are what you’re after, Ansarada provides the most secure and user-friendly setting. However, features like directory integration, single sign-on, and API connectivity are not available within the Ansarada data room. This severely restricts your ability to customize your experience.

The main features of the Ansarada data room

On the Ansarada website, you can find detailed descriptions of every feature the Ansarada data room has to offer. Here is a quick overview of them.

Security features

The Ansarada virtual data room offers its customers basic and advanced security settings, allowing them to safeguard all sensitive information stored in the VDR. These features include dynamic watermarks,  two-factor authentication, as well as the ones listed below.

  • Granular permissions. With the help of this program, data room administrators can control how users can access, save, and print files shared within the data room. They can manage users individually as well as as a group. They can also control recipient download, print, and edit permissions.
  • Remote shred. Users can remotely delete information with this capability, even if it has been downloaded to other devices. Even if a user has downloaded particular documents to their device, an admin can still deny them access to those papers. By doing this, sensitive data is kept secure, even from those who have had access to it in the past.
  • User activity tracking and AI reporting. These tools enable the administrator to swiftly ascertain what each user had been doing inside the data room. Monitoring user behavior gives administrators more control over sensitive material and deters users from sharing it outside the data room.

    Utilizing AI-generated insights also aids the admin in determining whether prospects or bidders are more enthusiastic about a contract. A document’s viewers, printers, and downloaders can all be seen by managers. As a result, they have full access to each user’s activity log.
  • Built-in redaction. The industry-leading redaction tool from Ansarada is free of charge. To protect sensitive information, this tool enables admins to remove specific data from papers kept in the data room. Pattern identification and removal are sped up via bulk redaction and pattern recognition.

    Ansarada VDR software does away with the requirement for meticulous version control in this manner. This industry-leading functionality is offered by the provider at no additional cost.
  • Full activity record. When there are audits and compliance requirements, this feature makes it easy for admins to compile reports on all of the activity that has taken place in the data room. The Ansarada data room has ISO 270001 certification and complies with GDPR thanks to its security system.

Document management features

Ansarada features address the essential requirements of virtual data room users in terms of document security.

  • Deal Workflow™. This method of project management acts as a reliable data source for monitoring workflows throughout a project. You can handle information and participants in real-time after the data room is activated. Electronic signatures can help speed up the process of reviewing documents. Users can easily review and sign important documents during urgent requests.
  • Intuitive interface. The Ansarada platform’s major characteristic is its user-friendliness. It’s ideal for a new team member who hasn’t used such alternatives before. The job is smoother and more enjoyable overall because of the user-friendly design.
  • Q&A section. Here users can set restrictions on viewing topics, questions, or answers. Additionally, you can configure the number and frequency of questions.

Deployment options

Ansarada’s deployment options are fully web-based. Therefore, the solution does not require the installation of any additional plugins or other software for activation. Unfortunately,  the provider has yet to develop apps for mobile devices.

Ansarada VDR integration with external tools and software

The Ansarada virtual data room is compatible with a variety of third-party programs and services, including Google Drive, Dropbox, Onedrive, and Box. Teams find it easier to use Ansarada as their platform for data exchange because they can keep utilizing the programs they are accustomed to. 

Additionally, Ansarada Deals and Deal Workflow tools and the Ansarada data room can be integrated. All parties involved in a deal can save time and effort by managing the whole deal process in one location, thanks to the virtual data room’s connection to these platforms. This considerably simplifies deal preparation.

Free trial

The preparation period is unlimited for advisors. During this time, they have free access to Ansarada’s feature set. Advisors pay after the first invited user is authorized.

Non-advisors can access all features for 14 days free of charge. They also offer an unlimited number of users for all plans. Ansarada provides an unlimited preparation period for Advisors (Ansarada starts charging when the first guest user is invited). For non-advisors, Ansarada provides a 2-week free trial.


Ansarada offers transparent pricing through the pricing calculator available on the company’s site. The vendor offers flexible plans to meet each client’s needs. Based on how many users are going to use the platform, the project duration, and how many GBs of storage you need, you can calculate the approximate price.

Additionally, according to Ansarada, 80% of projects are between 1-2GB, less than 10% are over 4GB, and less than 5% are over 15GB.

The Ansarada platform has a unique deal for tenders: the Ansarada Tender Platform. The cost is also influenced by the quantity and length of the data. For tender procedures like feasibility studies or RFPs, the Ansarada tender platform provides its own unique pricing. There are an infinite number of users and virtual workspaces included. Additionally, customers have unlimited access to client services.

Support and services 

You can contact Ansarada client services through phone, email, and live chat. To promptly address any data room concerns, responsive help is accessible around-the-clock, with a response time of 15 minutes on average. 

In the online support area on the company’s page, you can also find commonly asked questions and best practices for utilizing the VDR.

The main benefits of the Ansarada virtual data room

M&A advisors, corporate development teams, private equity firms, investment banking firms, and investors are just a few of its clients. These customers utilize Ansarada’s virtual data rooms because of the following advantages:

  • Top security features. These tools increase security during complex processes such as due diligence management, anonymity management, deal preparation, and completion.
  • Rendering processes faster. The virtual data room from Ansarada simplifies and speeds up document management and classification.
  • Reduced costs and more savings. To avoid travel costs when a stakeholder is based in another location must review sensitive documents.
  • Responsive support. The support team is available 24/7 and can help you solve any issue you have during working with the data room. You have the option of contacting the company by email or communicating with a live rep.
  • Accelerate preparation for the deal. The smart option for document upload automatically sorts files as users upload them. Consequently, employees do not need to manually sort hundreds of documents since it takes only one click with Ansarada.

Due to a great variety of features, Ansarada serves as a powerful tool that allows users to close prospective deals faster. This secure VDR offers a platform for businesses who want a quality file sharing and storing experience. 

The customer service is top-notch, which helps you review and solve any issue you may have during a complex transaction like due diligence, for example. Many clients that are using the Ansarada platform and its online functionality for their business operations have already shared the details of their positive experience with the platform during projects in investment banking, private equity, capital raising, and more.

Features Checklist:

Industry Solutions
Biotech Licensingyes
Board Portalsyes
Clinical Studiesyes
Debt Financingyes
Distressed Real Estateyes
Document Repositoryyes
Due Diligenceyes
Hedge Fundsyes
IPO & Exitsyes
M&A Buy Sideyes
M&A Sell Sideyes
Post Mergeryes
Private Equityyes
Procurement Managementyes
Files & Folders Management
File Formats SupportedAny file format supported
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Foldersyes
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Foldersyes
Desktop Synchronizationno
Archives Upload & Extractionno
Export of Data Room Index to Excelno
Document Version Controlno
Multilingual Documents Indexno
File Protection & Digital Rights Management
Granular Document Permissionsyes
View-Only Accessyes
Prevention of Download, Print and Copyyes
Remote Shredding of Documentsno
Customizable Document Watermarksyes
Secure Fence Viewno
Document Access Expiryyes
256-Bit SSL/TLS Encryptionyes
Data at Rest Encryptionno
Data Hosting & Infrastructure Security
99.9% Uptime Guaranteeyes
ISO 27001 Certifiedyes
SOC 2 Certifiedno
SSAE 16 Certifiedno
Data Backupyes
Virus Scanningno
Access Security
Two-Factor Authenticationsno
Mobile Device Managementyes
Granular User Permissionsyes
Permission Groupsyes
Access Expirationyes
Access Limitation by IP Addressno
Accessibility & Ease Of Use
No Pluginsyes
Scroll-Through Web-Based Document Vieweryes
Web-Based Excel Spreadsheets Vieweryes
iOS Applicationno
Android Applicationno
Mobile Device Interfaceyes
User Interface LanguagesEnglish
Search, OCR & Filters
Search by Nameyes
Search by Content (Full Text Search)yes
OCR (Optical Character Recognition)no
Filtering by Parametersyes
Collaboration Features
Basic Questions & Answers Moduleyes
Advanced Questions & Answers Moduleyes
Secure User Messagingno
New Document Email Notificationsyes
Files & Folders Notesno
Activity Tracking & Reporting
Tracking of All User Activityyes
Real-Time Audit Trailyes
Graphic Reportsyes
Exporting Reports to Excelyes
Tracking of Document Viewing Timeyes
Scheduled Reports (Sending to Email)yes
Branded User Interfaceyes
Custom Domainno
Custom Login Pageyes
Custom User Invitation Letterno
Custom Agreements for Accessing Data Roomno
Active Directory Integrationno
Single Sign-On Integrationno
Customer-Managed Encryption Keysno
Integrations Through APIsno
Custom Workflows and Featuresno
Support & Services
Business Hours Supportyes
24/7 Email Supportyes
24/7 Phone & Email Supportyes
Online Help Centerno
Live Trainingsno
Dedicated Project Manageryes
Data Room Archive on DVD or USB Driveyes
Translation Servicesno
Support LanguagesEnglish
Deployment Options
Cloud (Web-Based)yes
On-Premise (Installed)no
Multiple Datacenter Locationsno
Trial & Pricing
Free Demono
Free Trialno
Company Info
LocationsUnited States, The Netherlands, Germany, China, South Africa, UK, Malaysia, Australia

Product Reviews:

  1. Daniel


    Awesome. Best VDR out there.

    I used to use Merrill/ Intralinks/ iDeals and now only ever use Ansarada. They have much better interface, Client Support & they have much newer functionalities that iDeals doesn’t have.

  2. Grant Kerr

    Chief Executive Officer

    Using Ansarada data room for due diligence for a couple of years, I find it to be a good fit for my company. It has a simple interface that is easy to understand even for those who interact with the data room for the first time. And the AI is very helpful.

  3. Trecia Amity

    Strategy and Operations Manager

    We choose Ansarada data room because of the artificial intelligence it offers. We wanted to have more insights in our deals. But other functions are rather useful, too. This software helps us to maintain the document flow and close deals much faster.

  4. Silvia Herbert

    Chief Financial Officer

    Ansarada data room is very simple and convenient. We use it for deals and audits, and we find it suitable for us. A couple of times, we’ve faced some issues, but the support team was very helpful and resolved the problem quickly.

  5. Tori Shaelyn

    Director of Technology

    We are using Ansarada data room for years almost since our company was created. This provider evolves and becomes more advanced over time. One of the latest big changes – the AI it very useful for us. We get a lot of useful data from it.

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