iDeals as the Oldest and Highly Trusted Virtual Data Room

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iDeals is one of the oldest, best-known and appreciated virtual data room providers on the market. It was founded in 2004, the year when the company became the VDR provider to assist financial institutions, banks, and similar companies to collaborate and exchange sensitive data. Generally, iDeals is characterized by high security, which provides corporate attorneys, investment bankers, corporate development executives and private equities with safe collaboration and ability to promote their business solutions. If you are looking for an opportunity to expand and develop your business, implement new technologies and launch innovative projects, iDeals virtual data room may be the right choice.

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Following the reviews of customers who use VDRs from iDeals, it is exceptionally easy-to-use; it is simple to create reports, share vital documents with colleagues and bosses, track uploaded data and download the necessary documents. Besides, the provider offers a well-organized and customized structure of the data room, so you can be sure all the uploaded papers are in order. It will take several minutes to export the necessary files to the computer. Restricted access is one of the most appreciated features, as a person can select a limited number of people, including colleagues and partners, who can get access to all the data stored within iDeals VDR.

Main Features and Advantages of Storing Documents with iDeals

iDeals is the provider that helps you concentrate not on the software but business. The beneficial functions of the data room provide people with a wide spectrum of innovative business opportunities and solutions. Despite some minor drawbacks users may face while working with iDeals data room, the vast majority of clients specify the following benefits that are not only useful for business making but also powerful for its promotion and development:

  • The simplicity of use. Even a new user can understand the process and work with documents within the data room. All the information can be easily uploaded, downloaded, copied and managed. The documents get automatically numbered, so it is easy to find the necessary one. Besides, there are other features that work for your convenience, especially graphic reports, smart filters, bulk print, keyword search, and others.
  • Reliability and high-security levels. A certified data room guarantees the complete safety of your data. All the documents are protected with personally-identifiable watermarks. 2-step verification is extra proof of high security during logging in.
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Professional, 24/7 support. Contact the support group if you have any problems or technical complications when using a virtual data room. The managers of iDeals speak 12 languages, so you will always get timely and quality assistance. There is no call transfer, so you will talk to one person at a time.