Imprima is an easy decision for your business

Imprima is the only provider that has secured an ISO accreditation both for the security of the platform yet also business continuity.

  • Only provider to undergo full ISO 27001:2013 accreditation
  • Provides a highly intuitive, user-focused interface with next generation functionality
  • Brand-new Q&A – recently updated & enhanced Powerful and highly flexible tool to facilitate the most effective communication between buyer and seller
  • Cutting-edge reporting functionality with easy-to-build, customisable dashboards and report templates ensure fast analysis and informed decision making
  • Advanced Flexibility with Document Sharing and Permissions

Imprima delivers a premium product and service and ensures you’re compliant globally. With an ISO accreditation your team has additional security and business continuity across the entire M&A transaction. A trusted partner, Imprima is

  1. A European-Owned Provider
    • Europe’s VDR Pioneer & Market Leader
    • Data resides on EU servers ensuring full adherence to data protection rules
    • Not subject to onerous US legislation e.g. US Freedom Act
  2. Provides Unrivalled Security
    • Only provider to undergo full ISO 27001:2013 accreditation
    • Covers our platform, processes, practices and people
    • Most comprehensive Business Continuity Plan
  3. Delivers Hi-Speed & Hi-Performance
  • Up to 60% speed increase for all global users through web acceleration
  • Highest platform uptime in the industry > 99.99%
  • First class performance & reliability – supported by a 24/7 customer service team

Designed to make it easier for your teams

Imprima’s deal rooms allow global teams to manage multiple tasks simultaneously and at high volumes: from tagging and redacting documents, providing update and transparent reporting on data and documents, enhanced features to increase accuracy in searchability.

  • Imprima’s VDR platform is easy to use and intuitive – they specifically work together with leading M&A teams across the world to constantly improve the usability and design of their platforms
  • Imprima’s virtual data platform provides you with the ability to customise or install company branding
  • Imprima is the only providers available that provides an open Q&A environment enables communication between buyer and seller – making the deal happen, faster.

Customer service on-hand 24/7

In addition to cutting-edge technology, you will work with the most competent data room experts who are locally based and will assist you directly.  Imprima’s teams are on hand to directly support you and your team so that you are up and running in no time.

Imprima is a premier provider of VDR and was nominated Britain’s VDR Provider of the Year. They operate globally and over the last 20 years clients have included: HSBC, Citi, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Credit Suisse, PwC, Société Générale, KPMG, Deloitte, Rolls Royce.  Imprima’s VDR is behind over $1 trillion-worth of transactions in over 160 countries.

What can Imprima be used for?

Many data room providers focus primarily on due diligence and mergers and acquisitions as the most frequently held business processes. Thus, the software often lacks features needed for more complex activities. Imprima virtual data rooms are not limited to the basic requirements of modern business.

Real estate companies will find this solution useful for transactions. With a simple drag and drop upload and a possibility to add corporate branding to the workspace, Imprima covers all the needs of real estate agents easing the workflow. Also, since the administrator can control the access invited users have, all files remain safe.

If you need to raise capital, Imprima data rooms will be the right choice. Offering flexible pricing, hands-on management, and pre-data room services, this provider allows businesses to get ready for the fundraising as thoroughly as possible.

The high level of security and the swiftness of the software makes it effortless to manage asset life cycles. And with dynamic watermarks and real-time reports, Imprima offers businesses can successfully go through IPO.

Thus, Imprima data rooms can be used even in such complex fields as life sciences. Having all the required licenses and offering impeccable protection for user data, this provider will be a perfect choice in most cases.

Product Reviews:

  1. Ted Morgan

    Director Financial Systems

    Imprima is a good data room with all the features we might need to go through deals easily. So far, we find this service sufficient for our requirements even though there are providers that offer more functions. Maybe we will consider another vendor as our needs grow, but now we’re satisfied with this one.

  2. Herman Riley

    Banking manager

    We picked Imprima as a solution for document management, and we didn’t use it in deals so far. But it works well as a repository for files keeping them safe and available. The interface is simple, so no one from our team had any issues with that. And the features are quite useful.

  3. Kaiden Vickie

    Property Manager

    Imprima is great for real estate companies, and my experience proves that. This data room simplifies the asset lifecycle management by making it easy to work with documents. All the information is under our fingertips because we can find any file in seconds. Also, this provider offers impeccable security so that we don’t have to worry about the safety of our data.

  4. Callahan Nevil

    Finance Officer

    My company offers financial services, so we always are reviewing financial documents of our clients. That’s why Imprima with its AI was the best fit for us. This tool retrieves all the data we need saving a lot of time and costs. So far, we haven’t had any problems with this software.

  5. Anjelica Kathryn

    Head of Procurement

    We use Imprima to raise capital and simply manage our corporate documents. And I have to say, that these processes become much easier with this provider. It offers all the features we need, and they’re packed into a very straightforward interface. Adopting this data room, we could simply jump to the work skipping the learning part.

  6. Ashlyn Rhys

    Legal Director

    As a law firm, we need to deal with loads of client data every day. And Imprima is a great help thanks to the artificial intelligence retrieval it offers. This technology processes all the data picking out only precisely what we need at that particular moment. Also, it’s easy for our clients to share their information with this data room.

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