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Intralinks data room review
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Virtual data rooms by Intralinks integrate artificial intelligence to provide quality and confidential transactions. The provider offers easy-to-use VDRs that feature a clean and intuitive interface, simplify all the processes and give an opportunity to concentrate on the transaction rather than its technical side. Additionally, the solution is fully versatile and can be adapted to the screen of the mobile device.

Apart from the basic features, Intralinks VDR is the guarantee of protection and safety of your business data. Using the innovative encryption systems and up-to-date programs, the provider guarantees the complete security of the documents you upload. A user also has an opportunity to modify access rights to the software. No plug-ins or other applications are required.

intralinks data room

Being a client-oriented platform, Intralinks virtual data room offers fast and successful work with sensitive documents and confidential transactions. Multi-stage workflows help to process standard applications swiftly. Generally, the provider offers a dependable and trusted space for business processes and other transactions that require the highest level of safety, rapidity, and confidentiality.

Comparing Intralinks to similar VDR providers, it is important to specify the features and functions that make it unique and highly appreciated on the market:

  • The technology of artificial intelligence. This is an important feature that automates the process of sorting and reviewing documents. It allows a user to save time and let the platform automatically process administrative tasks. Mechanic errors are excluded;
  • Intuitive interface. There is no more need to waste time investigating the tools and functions of Intralinks Datasite, as the intuitive interface provides users with an ability to rapidly find and access all the necessary tools. Complete the tasks expeditiously and focus on details of the deals, not on the VDR;
  • Reliable file protection. Security is one of the primary goals of this data room provider. The application provides clients with confidence that all the sensitive and confidential documents are safely stored and protected from unauthorized intrusions. Innovative technologies and encryption software are used to guarantee the maximal level of protection;
  • Safe cross-enterprise cooperation. Enterprise partners can easily collaborate in the data room. They can share sensitive documents, speeding up check-outs with transactions.

Basically, all the services Intralinks offer can be reduced to the following list:

  • High-security level;
  • Automated deal room setup;
  • Intralinks designer;
  • Bulk file importing;
  • Granular reports;
  • Drag-and-drop function;
  • Q&A;
  • Permissions control;

Helpful, 24/7 support team, etc.