Projectfusion is a virtual data room system hosted in the UK/EU (US/Asia hosting is also available) that gives businesses a single, centralised platform to set up data rooms, manage projects, communicate, and securely share files. 

Users can rely on the Projectfusion virtual data room to organise content by categorising it into separate data room sites, copying it, and using tags. A drag-and-drop uploader, audit trails, custom rules and workflows, and real-time reports are among the other features. Furthermore, Projectfusion is available as a native iOS application, allowing users to upload and access files from their iPhone and iPad with Touch ID Protection in a convenient and safe manner.

Projectfusion data room provider is a private data room that allows users to manage 150+ file types easily. The user has control over print and downloads permissions. It’s simple to set up software that includes an online question and answer tool, reporting, and authorisation to manage user privileges. The software gives comprehensive reporting that allows the user to see everything.

Users can pay for Projectfusion on a monthly or annual basis. There is Single deal pricing available, which includes four plans, perfect for 1 data room or 1 project. When it comes to more complex transactions, there are annual subscription plans available with unlimited data rooms and unlimited projects. The yearly plans include Starter, Teams, and Enterprise options.  You can also contact Projectfusion directly to get a precise personalised quote. 

With all annual subscriptions, you get a secure email with a safe drop outlook and web plugin that lets you send and receive huge files with max security. You can also manage an unlimited number of projects, each with its own users. Users can create their own sub-brand, colour schemes and a separate set of users for each project. You will also get the ability to let your team add new projects in a few seconds as well as set up an internal team that can create new projects and data rooms. 

All plans include the following functionality: Q&A section, granular folder permissions, automatic document indexing, index docs, secure viewer, and more.

With ProjectFusion you’ll get the fastest deal setup. Projectfusion provides the highest quality of customer support, which can also be reached 24/7. The provider’s support team will help you get started and import data from any location to speed up the whole process of uploading files. There is also an automatic file and folder numbering available to save you even more time on preparation.

Features Checklist:

Industry Solutions
Life Scienceyes
Government Agencyyes
Real Estateyes
Energy and Renewablesyes
Files & Folders Management
File Formats SupportedText-Based Documents: as, as3, asm, bat, c, cc, cmake, cpp, cs, css, csv, cxx, diff, doc, docx, erb, gdoc, groovy, gsheet, h, haml, hh, htm, html, java, js, less, m, make, ml, mm, msg, ods, odt, pdf, php, pl, properties, py, rb, rtf, sass, scala, scm, script, sh, sml, sql, txt, vi, vim, wpd, xls, xlsm, xlsx, xml, xsd, xsl, yaml, Presentations: odp, ppt, pptx , Images: ai*, bmp, gif, eps, jpeg, jpg, png, ps, psd, svg, tif, tiff, dcm, dicm, dicom, svs, tga, Audio Files: aac, aifc, aiff, amr, au, flac, m4a, mp3, ogg, ra, wav, wma, Video Files: 3g2, 3gp, avi, m2v, m2ts, m4v, mkv, mov, mp4, mpeg, mpg, ogg, mts, qt, wmv, Flash/Mobile Video Files, flv, f4v, swf , 3D (Graphics and Modeling) Files: obj, stl
Automatic Numerical Indexing of Files & Foldersyes
Drag & Drop Upload of Multiple Files and Foldersyes
Desktop Synchronizationyes
Access Security
Two-Factor Authenticationsyes
Granular securityyes
Collaboration Features
Managing Multiple dealsyes