Sterling Data Room: General Information and Specific Features

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Sterling data room is a provider of client-oriented, trusted and up-to-date software solutions for the businesses, companies, and dealmakers that require high safety and confidentiality of their transactions and deals. This award-winning VDR provider developed the software that suits all the requirements of the modern market.

The constantly improved and developed features of Sterling data rooms provide clients with solutions that are completely confidential, protected and safe. The documents and sensitive papers can be easily uploaded to the data room, stored and exchanges with no risks. The dedicated support group is available 24/7 to assist you with any issues or complications during the process. The representatives of the customer support team can receive immediate access to documents in order to cope with minor or major problems. Quick and customer-friendly interface improves the process of due diligence and other important tasks.

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Reporting capability is another feature appreciated by users, as it allows tracking the activity of the team members and papers they are reviewing or working on. A user can restrict or grant access to colleagues and partners on various levels. Striving to prevent unauthorized access to documents, the provider offers a watermarking feature. Additionally, Sterling data room protects confidential and sensitive data with Microsoft Information Rights Management and Adobe Lifecycle.

Advantages of File Sharing with Sterling Data Room

 While the modern VDR market is extended, and many providers offer different types of virtual data rooms, it is important to emphasize the benefits of Sterling data room:

  • High-security level of the software. The primary concern of Sterling data room is the security of all the processes and solutions. Thus, a user can be 100% sure his/her documents and data are always protected with 256-bit AES SSL encryption;
  • Dynamic watermarks to avoid unauthorized access. Up-To-Date technology limits the ability of the documents to be used by the third party. Text or image is embedded in the document, so it cannot be used without the consent of the owner;
  • Zero plug-ins. Users do not need to download programs or install third-party plug-ins, as Sterling data room provides them with access to the documents they need. So, a user can easily review the necessary document without extra applications or tools;
  • Convenient search capability. With this VDR provider, you can find the needed data without any problems. Full-text multi-lingual search is offered for fast document access;
  • Q&A. Here, a user can speed up the process within the data room, such as transactions approval and processing of document and deals.