Some reasons to discover Sterling Virtual Data Room

This provider is surprisingly humble. While others choose to brag about their awesomeness and ability to drive your business to success, Sterling vdr prefers to stay in the role of the best buddy of the business owner. Admitting that regardless of how good can its technology be, the main job is still done by a human. And the Sterling data room is just a tool that will make sure your information is safe and delivered to the right person.

I’m using Sterling data room in my company for due diligence, and I’m satisfied with the service. It’s over a couple of years now since I’m using this provider, and I had some small issues with it. But the support team is very helpful. Specialists answered very quickly every time and were very informative. “

This provider started its way as a financial printing company. So it will be fair to say that Sterling works with sensitive documents for quite a while – since 1988. During such a long period of time, the company hasn’t lost its dedication to the data protection. Thus, Sterling data rooms are flawlessly safe.

And let us emphasize – in a very simple and rather minimalistic interface. It is so well-executed that even those users who are not that good in technologies will understand how to interact with a software without any help. Still, if they ever need some assistance, the support team is always ready to step in and guide a user through the process. Current clients of the provider are extremely satisfied with the level of help Sterling offers, saying that it is the best experience they had working with support teams.

In this virtual data room, you will find all the tools a modern business might need. Here you can exchange documents, prepare a Q&A section for partners and clients, get insightful reports and much more. Owners of the data room can track the activity of other members of the team and control the amount of access they have.

Sterling offers a nice, simple and convenient data room that will help you manage your documents and create a streamlined teamwork. It doesn’t have any over-the-top features yet it has everything a business needs for a data management. So if you need some minimalistic solution – this provider is a right choice.

What features will you get with Sterling Data Rooms?

This software doesn’t require any installation. That’s why you can set up your virtual data room in no time. Sterling is compatible with all browsers and, therefore, can be accessed from any gadget at any moment. The interface can be displayed in different languages for user convenience.

You can upload all the documents using a simple drag and drop feature. If you have a hierarchy of folders already established on your computer – it will remain the same in your virtual data rooms. Sterling data rooms support all the file types so that you don’t have to worry about it. If you have a particular document in your email inbox, you can send them straight to the storage. Sterling makes data upload and organization as simple as it can get.

Once all your documents are in the data room and organized neatly, you can jump to inviting all the team members to the workspace. As an administrator, you can set permissions for one item as well as for the group of documents and files. Also, you can create a group of users and set different permissions for them. And if you need to create another group with the same settings as an existing one already has, you can just copy and paste custom preferences.

Invited users will not feel overwhelmed by this instrument. Sterling data rooms are very simple to use and offer an intuitive interface that doesn’t require any training. Members of the team can quickly figure out what is the document about by its thumbnail. Also, they can search the files by full text. Users can add certain documents to favorites for rapid access and filter the view of the repository by recently uploaded or unopened files. Finally, they can download documents in bulks, if they are authorized to do that, of course.

The Q&A section Sterling data rooms offer, is very straightforward and easy to use. The administrator can upload all the questions and answers from the Excel file. Also, required experts can be allocated to certain categories and questions to make sure third-parties get correct answers as quickly as possible. It is also possible to customize the approval process for questions and answers.

Moreover, Sterling provides companies with detailed and informative reports on the deals. The administrator can get an individual report on each user – what actions they took in the data room, when, and for how long. All the reports can be presented as graphs to view online. And if you want to download them, you can convert them to Excel. Sterling offers a default dashboard, but you can create a custom one.

Even though Sterling data rooms are simple enough even for the least tech-savvy people to understand, the provider offers trainings to all the users. Also, the support will assist team members with any task they need to perform within the data room. Specialists are available 24/7 and can speak different languages. So if you can’t speak English, it’s not an issue.

Product Reviews:

  1. Felix Hill

    Director of Finance

    It’s hard to not get tempted when you see all the clients of Sterling data rooms. That’s precisely the reason I chose this provider for my firm – because its customers are large and trusted companies. The service itself is rather decent, and I had no issues with it. The price is a bit too high though.

  2. Malaika Wilkes

    Business Adviser

    We decided to choose Sterling data rooms because this provider has a good reputation. The service is solid and easy to use, and we didn’t encounter any issues yet. We carried out only one deal so far using this VDR, and things went very smoothly. The documents were always available.

  3. Tamsyn Calvin

    Accountant manager

    I’ve tried several providers for my company, but I find Sterling data rooms to be the best fit for our needs. It has all the features my employees need to work with documents. Also, my partners seem to have no issues using it to access the required files. And 24/7 support is great in case something happens.

  4. Vicky Baldwin

    Procurement Category Manager

    Sterling data room provides our company with all the features we need to maintain our document-related processes. The software is straightforward, and over two years of using this provider, we had to ask the support team for help only once or twice. Specialists respond very quickly, and all our questions were answered in no time.

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